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- Delivers 15 grams of glucose
- Convenient foil package
- Easy to carry and easy to use
- Designed to boost energy
- Helps manage blood sugar levels
- Helps maintain blood glucose levels
- No trans fats or added sugar
- Contains DHA and folic acid
- Fiber fortified
- Lactose free and gluten free
- Delivers 5g of glucose per tablet
- Fast acting
- Available in 9-count or 24-count size
- Sour Apple or Sour Cherry flavors
- Gluten free and fat free
- No caffeine and no sodium

The GlucoBurst line of products is designed to make managing your diabetes a little bit easier.

Our glucose gel provides 15 grams of glucose in a packet specifically designed for the active lifestyle. Unlike other glucose gels, GlucoBurst gel is available in a flexible foil package that is less cumbersome and more user-friendly than traditional packaging.

GlucoBurst Glucose Gel is
available in select drug stores
and supermarkets across the
country. Or it is available to
purchase online.

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To date PBM Products, the maker of the GlucoBurst line of diabetic products, has donated several million dollars to diabetes research with the aim of giving everyone with diabetes the opportunity to live a life free from the constraints of insulin management.

To learn more, please visit the Focus to Cure Diabetes Foundation.

“GlucoBurst literally saved my aunt’s life.  She is mentally disabled and has frequently used the 911 service because she is incapable of managing her diabetes. If it wasn’t for your liquid gel, my aunt would’ve been taken to the hospital.” 
-Lisa (Fayetteville, NC)
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